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Meta avatar Admin   9th Jun, 2017

Viotalk Latest Updates : Instant messaging   shareicon

Instant Messaging:  Introducing new instant texting for quick communication and for information sharing and Group chats.

Fully integrated Cloud Video Messaging: Improved Video messaging performance for faster sending & replies mostly within seconds! and Video messages are more secured now. Enjoy...

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Meta avatar Admin   15th Feb, 2017

How to send a Gmail Video email: VioTalk app   shareicon

Simply send Video Email from Your VioTalk video chat app IM

VioTalk is about Instant Video messaging. We want to help people Quickly connect to friends and family within seconds.

Email makes the communication more personal Communicating with is an easy way...

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Meta avatar Admin   30th Jan, 2017

How do I send video messages using Viotalk   shareicon

VioTalk Free Instant Cloud Video messaging for iOS and Android devices

Getting Started with Viotalk:

Viotalk is a Video communication mobile app that lets you record Video messages with no time limits simply record a message, and then share it with your...

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Meta avatar Admin   10th Jan, 2017

Instant Cloud Video messaging   shareicon

Experience the pure Cloud Video messaging with Viotalk. Designed to be lighter and faster Video messaging. Simply record Video messages without any time limit. share it with your friends and family privately or on Groups. Viotalk easy Sharing allows...

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Stop Typing Start Talking, Record Video in Cloud and send with your facial expressions without using your device memory.