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Meta avatar Admin   5th Oct, 2017

6 New features to get the most out of VioTalk

Whether you’re new to VioTalk or have already a user, you could still improve you’re in app User experience here are Six features should check out if you’d like to learn all there is to know about using VioTalk like a pro.

Add/ Remove someone from your recent Chat

The user may be chatting with lots of people at once, but there is only a selective contacts need to be at the top to have quick access. The user can simply pin their favorites or remove unwanted recent chats just by swiping the chat left or right.

Create a Group instantly from a chat( Turn chat into group)

Invite any contact into the group with the contact you’re already having a conversation at present and make it as a group! Simply add other persons you would like to join a group!  

Share a Contact with another Contact

Share the contact details of a person in your contact list easily. Simply share it into 1 on 1 chat or in groups it’s that simple.

Share almost any image up to unlimited size

Sharing images can come in handy, especially when it comes to high-quality images it’s become harder so we enabled faster compression of the image without losing any image quality. Share unlimited images on your group conversations.

You can delete messages before anyone sees them and even Edit

We’ve all wish we could Edit/delete messages in our chat history. Yes! The user can delete messages before anyone sees them or after seen for everyone within your group or in 1-1 chat.  even edit(Android) messages before the recipient read the message

Forward/ Share messages in chat without leaving your current chat

How Amazing would it be if could simply forwards images, text to other users or in Groups without leaving your current chat

Get best in-app messaging experience if you have yet to download Get VioTalk Today, and get all the tips you need on Using it like a PRO!


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