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Meta avatar Admin   20th Sep, 2016

Enjoy Recording LONG VIDEOS up to 4 hours...

The unique thing about VioTalk is that you can record LONG VIDEOS up to 4 hours ( No kidding ) then click and send , your recipient will immediately receive your video without you struggling to cut videos into pieces or zip them and spend hours to send then your recipient won't need to wait for your video to download to be able to watch it, and this is not the only unique feature , imagine that all your VioTalk videos won't be stored to your phone memory nor to your recipient's because your VioTalk videos are securely stored on Cloud. Can I add one more magic feature that we all like to have power to " Get rid of videos you had sent to your recipients and for ever and it doesn't matter how long back you had sent that video" Yes, you have control to get rid off your VioTalk videos for once and for all and your recipients won't be able to have access to them any more when you decide so.

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