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Meta avatar Admin   10th Jan, 2017

Instant Cloud Video messaging

Experience the pure Cloud Video messaging with Viotalk. Designed to be lighter and faster Video messaging. Simply record Video messages without any time limit. share it with your friends and family privately or on Groups. Viotalk easy Sharing allows you to send Video messages through any platform email, text message or on any Social media sites. Secured Cloud Video messaging will let you safely exchange private data. Designed for faster sending Video messages without using Storage spaces at anywhere anytime within seconds....." alt="Video messaging" width="564" height="1410" />

 Viotalk features | Send Long Video messages with Viotalk | Viotalk Android | Viotalk iOS

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  • Pnu Anusha Posted On 2 years ago

    great app simple and neat user interface nice cloud video messenger app


  • Praneethnss Posted On 2 years ago

    best video messaging app


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