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Video Email

Video email Systems Provides the ability to record a video email to any Time

The Unique Features

  • Member email account registration system (with Captcha verification)
  • Ability to search for email messages
  • Address Book: Ability to add/search/edit/delete contacts with AJAX interface
  • NEW Import and export address book contacts (supports Outlook, Yahoo and Hotmail formats)
  • NEW Auto-saving drafts, works just like Gmail
  • NEW Auto display your email contacts when typing in To/Cc/Bcc fields
  • Ability to create email folders
  • Ability to move emails to user-defined folders
  • Ability to mark emails as read/unread
  • NEW Supports multiple email attachments
  • Compose/Reply/Forward/Delete email messages
  • Built-in advance WYSIWYG editor to easily format the content of the email messages
  • Ability to edit member profile such as username, password and member name
  • Shows email quota usage